Monday, August 29, 2011

How to Peel tomatoes and remove seeds

First of all put a pileup of water to boil. Now prepare another pileup with water and ice to the water gets too cold. Then as it heats the water cut a cross on the base of the tomato. The cut should be as shallow as possible, if you cut only the skin the better but if you miss a little knife to the tomato flesh.

Dark Chocolate with Raisins and Swivels

Swivels Dark Chocolate with Raisins and put on a work plan in the flour and swivels with Dark Chocolate Raisins, and put on a work surface and dissolve the flour in the center of the yeast with sugar and a little ' of milk. Slowly if you add all the milk, soft margarine and a pinch of salt.

Knead the dough and add the eggs and keep working the dough until it is homogeneous. Then let it rise for 50 minutes in a warm / warm. Take the raisins and let it soften in a bowl full of water. As soon as the dough for the yeast spindle will roll out the dough with a rolling pin to obtain about half a centimeter thick.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Panna cotta with lime and cardamom

300 grams of milk, 300 grams of cream 35% fat, 140-160 grams of sugar, the skin of a lime green cardamom pods 10 and 1 g of agar (or equivalent gelatin sheets, see container manufacturer).

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Coconut Cheese Cake

To prepare the Cheese Cake with Coconut start by working in a food processor until the biscuits into a powder. Then add 60 grams of sugar and soft butter Mix well with a wooden spoon. Soften the gelatin in cold water and lined a tart mold with the hinge of baking paper. Take the biscuits obtained compound of the bottom of the mold, and divide trying to level it as much as possible.

Fruit pie and ricotta

A little ricotta and some fruit in the basketful ... Ingredients for a rectangular pie dough 1 egg 45gr caster sugar 200g flour 100g butter 1 medium pinch of salt in a bowl, beat egg. In a bowl, combine flour, sugar, salt and butter, cut into strips. Slide the flour and butter with your fingertips gently pressing to obtain a mixture resembles coarse crumbs.

Add the beaten egg mixture to collect the flour / meal and get a ball. Press with the palm of the hand on the ball of dough several times to obtain a smooth paste. Put to rest in the refrigerator at least 20 minutes before use. At the end of that time, spread your dough on the pie plate.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Tortilla stuffed with eggplant, cheese, tomato and roasted garlic

8 tortillas, 4-6 c / s mojo tomato and roasted garlic, 2 large eggplants, cheddar cheese (can be white or orange or other melting cheese to taste better when cue to grate), dried oregano, pepper freshly ground black, salt and extra virgin olive oil. Preparation Prepare the mojo as explained in the recipe for octopus with garlic sauce and roasted garlic tomato, as needed roasting the garlic beforehand, you can do while loops eggplants.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cherry tomatoes stuffed with eggplant

With those who have been the last cherry tomatoes harvested in our tomato, we prepare an appetizer that made them stars, cherry tomatoes stuffed with eggplant, a little bit juicy and Mediterranean flavors, healthy, light and tasty. We could have prepared any of these twelve recipes with cherry tomatoes, you know that both fresh and cooked this little fruit is delicious, but if we'd had a few more tomatoes to prepare the cherry tomatoes stuffed with eggplant caviar, where the predominant flavor tomato, eggplant and good extra virgin olive oil.