Monday, August 8, 2011

Frozen yogurt and berries

This yogurt ice cream and berries: we need about an hour after we start to prepare until we can sit to eat, because of frozen ingredients and others that are often already in the fridge, so take note and see what Quick and easy to do and taste homemade ice cream, craft, delicious and nutritious.

500 grams of sweetened yogurt, 275 grams of frozen berries (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, currants, cranberries ...), 100 grams of coconut milk and 60 grams of invert sugar. The yogurts are usually in the fridge, and if you plan to make this ice cream, it will be useful to coconut milk in the fridge too, but the berries, being frozen, the mixture cool completely.

To pour easily for ice cream by the member of the ice cream, we took a regular practice to prepare it in a jar large, but you can use other containers for shredding and, of course, you can do in the Thermomix. It's that simple, put all ingredients in the chosen vessel, yogurt, berries, coconut milk and invert sugar, and crushed into a fine cream.

If you want to remove the seeds from the berries can be crushed separately, drain and then add the yogurt mixture. If you make ice cream by hand, put the formula into a large bowl with tight lid (of a material that is a good conductor of cold, we use a stainless steel), enter it in the freezer and every hour, take it out and whisk to go aerating and freezing evenly, avoiding the formation of ice crystals.

If you make frozen yogurt and berries into the ice cream maker, put in place before you start pouring prepared by voice, allow the ice cream maker 30-45 minutes to work and get a soft ice cream type. You can pass it to a bowl and place in freezer to harden more. Cones, cups, trays, lampshades cookie ice cream ...

served with yogurt and berries as you wish, to easily form the balls, take it out of the freezer five or ten minutes earlier. For decoration you can use nut pralines, caramel syrup, chocolate or fruit, whipped cream, wafers, chocolate buttons ... enjoy!

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