Friday, August 12, 2011

Lemon Mousse

This is not really a recipe, is just another different way to make yogurt, creamy mousse and a lemon-flavored ingredients: condensed milk yogurt natural lemons. Preparation: In a bowl, mix condensed milk with yogurt and the juice of lemons, beaten with rods or blender to make it all well mixed and aerated, and served in individual cups or glasses.

Serve very cold, accompanied by some red fruit or a waffle, like a frozen mousse This can be a rich snack for children or a dessert surprise to everyone else. Smooth and refreshing, it is highly recommended for summer lies more creamy as yogurt, mousse will be richer. But it can also light version, using a yogurt and condensed milk by changing the sweetener.

It is not as creamy, but this way is a rich dessert and suitable for diabetic diets and even

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