Friday, March 11, 2011

Salmon Sashimi

To have a beautiful piece of salmon that allows us to make cuts of sashimi, we start with half a piece of fish, must obtain a 'trunk' to get cut rectangular through which the spine of the salmon and then the base to detach from skin, also cutting the outside edge to get a straight piece.

Then simply cut slices with a knife slightly tilted to obtain parts with an oblique cut, as it takes Sashimi salmon or other fish. Clean salmon 600 grams, 200 grams of rice for sushi (alternatively, use round rice), soy sauce, wasabi paste, gari or pickled ginger and green leaves (the shiso accompanies very well, but may vary for decoration).

The development of salmon sashimi we have explained to you practically. It presents the raw salmon cut as seen in the images, and support is optional, we love it with rice, but what predominates is fish. If disponéis special sushi rice, you can see how to prepare the post recipes sushi: Sushi or Maki sushi recipe temaki.

If you use round-grain rice, cook in water with a little salt and then you can dress it like rice for sushi. On salmon, to avoid possible for raw consumption should freeze below 20 ° C for 72 hours, ideally, a freeze as quickly as possible to preserve all its qualities. The night before preparing this dish, pass the refrigerator to thaw slowly to the food will be ready for processing.

With all the above ingredients, the emplatado Sashimi of salmon may be to the taste, it is simply put each ingredient in the dish so as to appreciate what is the main ingredient and that is comfortable to be taking the ingredients that accompany it. Hope you feel encouraged to try it, is a dish taste like if the acceptance of raw fish, with respect to its preparation, so simple that it can be a widely used resource for any lunch or dinner.

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