Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cherry tomatoes stuffed with eggplant

With those who have been the last cherry tomatoes harvested in our tomato, we prepare an appetizer that made them stars, cherry tomatoes stuffed with eggplant, a little bit juicy and Mediterranean flavors, healthy, light and tasty. We could have prepared any of these twelve recipes with cherry tomatoes, you know that both fresh and cooked this little fruit is delicious, but if we'd had a few more tomatoes to prepare the cherry tomatoes stuffed with eggplant caviar, where the predominant flavor tomato, eggplant and good extra virgin olive oil.

20 cherry tomatoes (about), 50 grams of roasted eggplant or aubergine caviar, 50 grams of tomato pulp (cherry tomatoes and pear tomatoes 1 ripe), 15 grams of cracker bread crispy, fresh and dry oregano, pepper freshly ground black, fine salt, Maldon salt and extra virgin olive oil. The first thing is to have ready roasted eggplant or aubergine caviar, though I prefer the farce of these tomatoes is only eggplant seasoned with black pepper, oregano, salt and extra virgin olive oil.

You can make these cherry eggplant stuffed with leftover you the aubergine or any other dish with this ingredient roast, as you see, a small amount is needed to fill many tomatoes. What we should is that is cool. Put the chopped eggplant with a knife in a bowl. Wash tomatoes and cut the 'crown' Without removing the stem if possible, to make it more appealing in its presentation.

Pour the pulp of the tomatoes as will not be enough to mix with eggplant, tomato grated pear or half the amount needed to balance the eggplant pulp. Mix the eggplant and tomatoes, season to taste and add the dried oregano and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil at the last minute and incorporates the crusty bread cracker, juice will absorb part of the preparation and provide texture.

Cherry tomatoes stuffed with eggplant, then place a sheet of fresh oregano and top with their 'cover'.

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