Monday, March 14, 2011

Tiramisu with cream

Green Cutlery Tray Omada --- --- Rivadossi small plate design Easy life The Italian dessert tiramisu is the most famous and well known to the world and only those who do not like coffee may not be delighted by this infinite goodness! It is also one of the favorite desserts of Mr. But I often asked to prepare them for being a fan of this dessert I prepare it very willingly.

This does, however, use my version of pastry cream instead of eggs because quite frankly unless you have a hen house: D, I do not trust to use of common raw eggs and then pasteurize, or like me or you or making a custard that, however, the smell of eggs, but with this alternative you can enjoy it safely! Tiramisu with mascarpone custard cream 250 g mascarpone cheese 200 ml cream 250 g of custard (with 2 eggs) 1 package of ladyfingers addition of 300 ml of coffee sweetened cocoa Prepare filling by beating together the mascarpone and cream and whipped cream before fully combine the custard.

In a tray, make a first strip of sponge soaked with coffee and pour the cream then a layer of ladyfingers soaked in coffee and always the cream and so on until all the ingredients. Store the trays in the refrigerator before serving, sprinkle with plenty of cocoa and chocolate chips and coffee beans.

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