Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cheese flan and violets

Here is a fragrant, creamy cheese custard and violet conquer the palate with a sweet tooth and is suitable for a balanced diet, reduce fat by using skim milk, and the result is exquisite, creamy custard is soft, with a bold taste that invites repeat. Violet is the sugar that contributes most elegant aroma and flavor to this cheese flan, which is also very easy to do and prepare in a short time.

Encourage one to try, there are so many options to enjoy a flan (egg custard though is irreplaceable) ... Have You Tried the coconut flan, custard or chocolate custard sesame and coconut? 200 grams of fresh cheese beaten (0% fat), 200 grams of milk (can be semi-skim), 3 eggs (about 175 grams), 100 grams of sugar violet), caramel and chocolate shavings for garnish.

Prepare pudding mix with a little time to let it rest and get off the foam that creates the beat. Fill a large bowl and mix the eggs with the sugar using the rods, includes cheese and milk batter and mix until they are integrated, then cover the bowl with plastic wrap and reserve in refrigerator for at least half hour.

Preheat oven to 175º C, putting the drip tray with water to the cooking bath. While heating, make the caramel and pour custard cups or ramequines in, spreading it to the bottom and sides. Pour the custard into prepared molds and cover with foil. When the oven has reached temperature, bring them into the water carefully, bake for 50 minutes until the custard have curdled.

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