Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cake with ice cream

The cake with ice cream desserts DeabyDay is a fresh and delicious. Ideal during the summer, the recipe has as its basis the classic sponge cake and takes advantage of the freshness of the ice cream for the topping. For the decoration, however, is prepared a really delicious chocolate mousse! 1 small sponge cake - 600 g of ice cream - 250 ml whipped cream - 40 g sugar - 1 lemon (juice) - liquor to wet the sponge cake - mixed fruit for the final decoration for the mousse: - 100 ml whipping cream - 100 g of extra-dark chocolate Cut the sponge cake into thin slices and drying rack a row as a base for the cake in a high-sided steel container.

Wet with liquor and water. Spread an even layer of ice cream in layers and continue until the end of its life (even remembers well the last layer). Make the cake rest in the freezer for at least 3 hours. Meanwhile, cut the fruit into slices and Wet him with lemon juice and sugar. In a saucepan melt the chocolate, cut into small pieces.
Stir continuously and when it is almost completely melted add the cream. Remove from heat, stir, just to cool quickly and mounted with the whip. Keep in the fridge until the cake of ice cream is very cold. Just before serving, take the cake from the freezer, distribute the fruit to taste and decorate with bows the mousse and whipped cream.

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