Monday, July 4, 2011

Mushroom Pie

INGREDIENTS.  100g. 2 onions 250g of frozen spinach. 600g button mushrooms. porcini mushrooms 8 slices smoked bacon 60g. + butter for the mold to 4 tablespoons chopped parsley 30g. 4 eggs breadcrumbs salt pepper a few leaves of lettuce to decorate.

PROCEEDINGS. Blanch the spinach for 2 minutes, drain and cut slices. Peel onions and chop fine. Clean the mushrooms with a cloth moistened by passing them and cut the stalks to 1cm. Then chop the chapel. Clean the mushrooms with a damp towel and slice the most 'beautiful vertical slices and chopped the rest of them. Fry the bacon in a saucepan over high heat for two minutes, Get it out and instead Melt the chopped onions in the fat left, supplemented with 10g. of butter. Also raised in their place the onions, sauté the chopped mushrooms for 5 minutes with a further 10g. of butter, salt, pepper and bacon. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Pour into the mixer, with the blade to mix the bacon, the chopped onion and mushrooms, spinach and parsley.

Butter a souffle mold ', sprinkle with bread crumbs and keep aside to cool. In another pan fry the sliced mushrooms in remaining butter with salt and pepper and let cool. Beat the eggs with salt and pepper and add the 2 / 3 of the compound made of lard. Coat the bottom and sides of pan with sliced mushrooms, pour a layer of the mixture, cover with mushrooms and repeat ending with the mushrooms.

Compress and completed with the rest of the compound. Put the mold in a mold with a diameter of more than, pour water in the latter up to 2 / 3 of the height and cook for 30 minutes in hot oven in a water bath. Let stand 10 minutes before unmold the cake on a serving platter garnished with green salad.

Garnish with mushrooms and fresh herbs.

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