Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cooking Tips: Prevent vegetables wrinkle

When making vegetable cooking medium in a wet, then it is easy to go out and get wrinkled, they look less desirable but in many cases is considered normal. The kitchen and the culinary tastes have changed, it has gone from eating the vegetables soft and last, to seek a smooth texture, even crunchy, we are confident that this, the vegetable has won many points for many people, because in addition to winning sight, tastier and nutritional properties.

The food looks good is very important, and if we speak of vegetables there are several points to consider when cooking to get them out as best they can offer, today we share a simple trick of cooking to prevent wrinkling then boiled vegetables or make steam. This serves for different types of vegetables, green beans, carrots, asparagus... might like more or less done, softer or crisper, as commented above, we will see shortly why some vegetables lose color and how we can avoid it, but Now our intention is to prevent the surface of the vegetables to wrinkle and is as simple as adding a little olive oil. In particular we focus on the extra virgin olive oil, but also serves other ingredients such as butter fat or other oils.

When vegetables are finished cooking, are obviously hot and this heat causes the evaporation of water they contain, lose moisture and surface wrinkles. By adding a little olive oil (you need not be excessive, just coat the surface of vegetables) is a movie and stop losing moisture, appearing shiny and smooth.

This should be done just remove them from the fire, being well drained. Add a little fat will not change the taste of the dish if you use a bland oil, although in most cases also with oil is seasoned with a vinaigrette or sauce, but vegetables come to the table with a better look.

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