Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ice cream with chocolate and coffee

We follow this summer desserts Ice cream with chocolate and coffee will melt along these lines will be a pleasure for our guests to taste the chocolate ice cream topped with artisan espresso cream and good company and some crackers. The combination of chocolate and coffee is a delight, although as with the cup of chocolate ice cream with Calvados, this is not a dessert for children, they must be replaced coffee with some chocolate sauce, for example.

Chocolate ice cream, 1 espresso, whipped cream, and crispy amaretti cookies 2 coffee. Obviously we recommend you make homemade ice cream, we shared with you several recipes for chocolate ice cream, choose the one you like: chocolate ice cream, chocolate ice cream, double chocolate ice cream, chocolate ice cream with cookies ...
In this cup we present only a scoop of ice cream, but if you like, you know that you can vary the amount to your taste and needs. For a nice presentation if you just going to put a ball, as is usually the sundaes are large, you can opt for a glass of 'martini' as you show us. Do not use what they call cream is in the form of spray, mounted a good cream sweetened to taste, you know that we usually assemble a pint of cream with about 90-100 grams of sugar, do not consume the same day and we have plans to spend the next day, put it in a tightly sealed Tupperware in the freezer keeps well.

Amaretti cookies if you have not, you can replace the traditional ice cream and cookies crispy coffee for a little cocoa powder. Do not back down I do not have some ingredients because there are always options for a change and that it remains an exquisite dish or dessert. We then the assembly of the cup, start preparing espresso and sweeten to taste, place the cream in pastry bag and chopped cookies.

Remove the ice cream freezer (if you did not invert sugar or other stabilizing ingredients, you must remove it a few minutes before to soften). Doused with hot water and make ice cream spoon a ball. Pósala in the cup and then pour the coffee side. Surround the ice cream with cream, served the broken biscuits and sprinkle with crispy cream of coffee.

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