Friday, February 25, 2011

Spicy sausage stew in crock

As the cold came back strongly in these days (again, putting my little Lorenzo ko) just feel the need for comfort food dishes to pamper those who say they are especially appreciated in the family for dinner. This I am presenting today is a concentration of flavors and colors fact as well as the bites of sausage, there are also peas, peppers liven up the dish and make it more palatable.

I also added a bit of spice to enhance the flavor of the dish such as coriander and cumin (Nigella-style: D). For this kind of preparations I love slow cooking in crock pots and play the best of this task. This is definitely a dish for those who love to eat tasty without being too much to think about diets ...

there's always time for those!! Dear girls, my contest ends tomorrow "My cocotte," and I would like to thank you very much to heart in a month came more than 165 recipes and this success I owe to you all. For last-minute tardy, you can continue to send me the recipes until midnight tomorrow, then I'll join with me virtually by decree the court so wonderful casserole recipe that won the Le Creuset! Stew of sausage, peppers and spices with peas and sausage 1 red pepper 300 g and 100 g of a yellow peas, blanched 4 tablespoons of tomato paste 1 teaspoon turmeric and coriander (Mondospezie) 50 g butter 1 onion salt and pepper Method Cut into strips the peppers and put them in a crock pot (I used the lands of Flame Wald) to wilt in the butter with the onion thinly sliced, for about ten minutes, then add the sausage, cut into pieces, the past, the peas and spices and cook for 45 minutes.

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