Monday, June 13, 2011

Bouquet of mortadella and MINI MUFFIN

The simple bouquet of mortadella and tiny muffins are a nice idea for a drink with friends. Mortadella is a meat that lends itself well to being carved, but not to the usual cube! Here is a flower cutters to propose it as a somewhat 'original. And then it combines the usual (very good eh) parmesan cheese? I decided to complete this tidbit with flowers and a muffin, miniature size, perfumed with sage.

For many fiorellini1 thick slice mortadella centimetroStuzzicadenti half long or thin skewers Cut the mortadella with cutters, stuck two flowers on each toothpick and refrigerate, covered. Before serving, transfer them into small glasses, forming unusual bouquet. For 30 mini-baked muffinPirottini base diameter 100cm gr farinamezzo 2 teaspoon baking polvere1 tablespoon egg 50 ml oil evomezzo latte5 leaves salviasale Chop the sage leaves for the purpose.

Beat the egg with the oil and milk, add the sage and salt. Sift in the flour mixture and mix well. Fill the cups and bake at 180 degrees for 12 minutes. They are ready when they are golden and feel in your kitchen a delightful scent of sage. Being very small cups, filling, I suggest you pour the mixture into a pastry bag, the operation will be much easier and faster JQuesti muffins are delicious served hot or warm, if you own a microwave you can cook them in advance and pass them in the oven a few seconds before serving, otherwise I recommend you cook them just before the arrival of your guests.

ps I forward a pack of these cups miniature ... I think I'll put them in the box prize of the contest ... I'd like to receive? You still have a week to participate JNei coming days will show some other gift ... Good serataLiz

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