Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tartare of prawns, cucumber and watermelon

This Tartar shrimp, cucumber and watermelon is a refreshing and tasty incoming can offer your guests at a special meal, is light and tasty, thanks combines the palate textures. In addition to serving as a starter, this Tartar shrimp, cucumber and watermelon can be an ideal appetizer presented in teaspoons or cups for tasting.

The development is as simple, all ingredients are raw and fresh, so you should select the best products we can find. The sauce on this occasion chosen was a mayonnaise, but a yogurt sauce, which also is lighter, it is also very appropriate. 100 grams of prawns, 80 g cucumber, 100 grams of watermelon, 60 g onion, chives, mint or peppermint, freshly ground black pepper, mayonnaise, extra virgin olive oil and salt.

Peel the prawns and clean them well, dry them and reserve in the refrigerator covered with plastic wrap. Peel the cucumber, remove seeds and cut into brunoise. Cut seedless watermelon also brunoise and then the onions. Put in a bowl of watermelon, onion and cucumber to mix well, but first knife chop the prawns and incorporate well.

Finally, add chopped chives, freshly ground black pepper and a trickle of extra virgin olive oil. Salt incorporate them just before serving to preserve the crunchy texture. If you are not going to serve immediately, reserve in refrigerator and serve well chilled.

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