Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sandwich grilled tenderloin with figs and cheddar

This sandwich of grilled tenderloin with figs and cheddar is a perfect dinner for the weekend, casual dining that you want to be relaxed, possibly to drink on the terrace at night may be at a comfortable temperature, to accompany a cool drink, and someone to share what else you need? The sandwich is easy, simple but very tasty, combining the sweetness of the fruit is enhanced by cooking.

This sandwich of grilled tenderloin with figs and cheddar usually conquer the most demanding palates from the first bite, we hope that we may tell your opinion. 4 rolls of rye, 4 thick loin steaks, 2-3 figs (or short), 4 slices of cheddar cheese, 4 c / w sesame mayonnaise (you can use traditional mayonnaise, small amount is needed), watercress leaves , salt and extra virgin olive oil.

Put the fire grill greased with extra virgin olive oil and let it warm while rooms (or spice) back, wash the figs and cut into thick slices, they should not be too ripe to withstand the passage through the grid without break. Prepare the bread, sandwich and cut it to desired, pass also the grill lightly toasted.

Spread the base with only sesame mayonnaise, put a small amount, only to provide a touch of flavor and juiciness. Make the loin on the grill when you're almost done, having gone around the fillets, features grilled figs, mark them on one hand and put them on the back, then the cheddar cheese over the figs to the heat melting go.

Wash and dry the leaves of watercress, which you can substitute arugula if you like, and finish the sandwich. Place the loin with figs and cheddar on the basis of bread, a watercress leaves distributed and cover with top of bread that you go through the grill to enrich it with the juices that have sprung backs.

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