Monday, June 13, 2011

Crown of rice with meatballs

Serves: 4 people Difficulty ': Easy Preparation time: 40 minutes. INGREDIENTS: 350g. rice 1 / 2 liter of broth (including nut) 1 onion, grated Parmesan cheese olive oil (rich) 100gr. 100g of Emmental. Fontina 150gr. chopped parsley 1 sandwich bread crumbs soaked in milk 3 eggs, flour. PROCEEDINGS: Grate el'emmenthal fontina, parmesan and stir to breadcrumbs, add the parsley, bread soaked in milk, eggs and mix everything until dough is very hard.

Prepare small balls, flour and fry in hot oil and then keep them warm. Aside from the thinly sliced onion and sauté in 2 tablespoons of oil. Add the rice and toast for a few minutes, then continue to cook as a normal risotto. Stir with a good dose of grated Parmesan cheese and pour into a mold with the crown.

Turn out the crown of rice and put the meatballs in the center.

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