Monday, June 13, 2011

Pudding, cottage cheese and pineapple

Serves: 4-6 people Difficulty ': Easy Preparation time: 1 hour and 30 minutes INGREDIENTS 180g. 110gr ricotta. 100g of sugar. 300g peeled almonds. canned pineapple 2 tablespoons rum 4 eggs, cut into strips for a few almonds decorate PROCEEDINGS -------------------------- Pass the ricotta through a sieve and Gather them in a bowl then add sugar.

Add the finely chopped almonds, egg yolks, rum, pineapple slices in a blender and blend well drained and finally the egg whites until stiff steadfast. Continue to stir gently with a whisk, stirring from the bottom up to prevent the mixture disassemble. Butter a pudding mold media measurement and pour the mixture.

Cook the pudding in a water bath in a preheated oven at 160 degrees for 50 minutes. To check the correct degree of cooking that just stick a toothpick in the center of the cake, must 'come out clean and dry. Turn out the pudding on a serving plate and decorate with the sliced almonds. Can 'be served either hot or cold.

COUNCIL A variation to make this pudding more 'tasty, rather than' muffin pan, you might caramel and then pour the mixture.

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