Sunday, June 19, 2011

Power-salad with black beans and quinoa

Except a really brilliant salad is that he puts on a great taste that is packed with protein and healthy fats, and just a lot of power - the idea I have of ohsheglows! However, I have cooked the beans themselves, somehow I'm not a fan of canned beans. Taste a bit soggy, slippery, I think, and the typical minor upset stomach after beans come in me after only canned beans.

With freshly cooked, I've never had anything. And instead of the red quinoa I used yellow, the red I have no place to raise. He that has a tip for the Vienna area, just bring it! Oh, and I've hineingeschummelt mushrooms instead of corn, and place the olive oil I have used hemp oil. The salad dressing I do not like as much olive oil especially since my hemp oil tastes much better (it's also very healthy).

It tastes really nice nutty! And most recently came into a handful of fresh sprouts, and indeed a mix of alfalfa, cress, fenugreek and yellow mustard. And so delicious I've prepared the salad: For the dressing: they cook the quinoa according to package instructions and let cool slightly.

All the ingredients for the dressing, mix well. All salad ingredients mingle with the quinoa, stir in the dressing, and serve warm. Keeps in refrigerator 1-2 days.

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