Monday, June 13, 2011

Dried plums and cinnamon bread with almonds

The idea is rawmazing, and the bread's today for breakfast. Overnight, they were dried, and the morning were pretty compact, but still nice and juicy. Mentioned include almonds, flaxseed, zucchini, carrots, apples, dates, and raisins in the original recipe. Since my darling do not eat, I simply chopped prunes, which did fit great! I have the nuts by the way - is recommended as often - previously soaked so that they will be digested better.

A "living" bread that is full of energy is, it tastes delicious and sweet, and this is totally healthy! We have, in fact raw almond butter and agave syrup flavored with cocoa powder and cream cheese to it, and fresh strawberries from the garden! The almonds and sunflower seeds to soak for about 10 hours, then drain.

Place in blender and chop finely. I chopped about 1 / 3 roughly, which gives the extra "bite" after! Zucchini and carrot puree, and add all other ingredients. Mix well and spread on 3 with silicone inserts or baking paper-lined floors dried, about 0.5 cm high. First, dry at 160 degrees 1 hour, then another at 40 degrees for 2 hours.

Invert, remove the paper and desiccated for 7 hours. It should feel dry and compact, but not hard! In pieces and serve.

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