Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cooking Tips: Freeze egg whites

We often find or elaborate recipes that only need the egg yolk, for example to make pastry cream or custard for some ice cream, probably in the next few weeks will be the case in many homes. Needless to say, not be disposed of whites, there are many recipes to take advantage, but also, today we remember a trick of cooking that will give us more time to think about what use it is to freeze egg whites.

Maybe some of you remember the post we publish on Freezing eggs, a reading that we invite you to remember to know what happens when it freezes the white or yolk of the egg. We thought that this is a good time to remember that you can freeze egg whites, just in summer there should be more careful with this food and high temperatures (another interesting find in reading Homemade Mayonnaise) and if like us, you are dumps in the preparation of homemade ice cream, you need to know how to take clear and in any case that can be frozen.

I told you that the eggs can be frozen with the white and yolk together or separately, where habiéndolos removed from its shell in a container with tight lid. But there are differences in the response of each one, while the clear to re-thaw has almost the same characteristics as before this process, the yolk is hard.

A recommendation to keep the freezer cold 'burn' the egg is covered with plastic wrap before putting the lid on what we save. Also be noted that egg whites are frozen may lose some ability to assemble, but they serve well. Remember also that if you want to freeze their eggs with yolk and requires that it does not harden, add salt, sugar or an acidic component, the proportions will find them in the post freeze eggs.

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