Friday, June 17, 2011

Ice cream, cherries and chocolate

Among this heat and the promises I have made over the publication of new ice cream recipes, here's a simple as well as delicious, ice cream, cherries and chocolate. No preparation, just having a brick of cream and cherries in the fridge, and the glass of the ice cream in the freezer, you can enjoy in less than an hour and natural homemade ice cream.

As you can deduct, Ice cream, cherries and chocolate is more energetic than the last we had prepared, you know I often try to reduce fat in recipes, but do not always do it, while preserving a balanced diet during the week we can see some freak on the weekend. This is also to enjoy as soft ice cream, creamy and smooth.

If you still want to reduce some cream, you can do so by substituting milk or view this cherry ice cream. 500 ml. 35% fat cream, 250 grams of pitted cherries and clean, 80 grams of vanilla icing sugar (can substitute one-third of invert sugar in sweetened less because more) and 60 grams of chocolate chips.

As mentioned above, the cup or bowl of ice cream in the freezer should be about 24 hours before, and the ingredients to make ice cream in the refrigerator from 4 hours before. Wash cherries, and cut into quarters deshuésalas or smaller if desired. Get Them back into the refrigerator, also takes to put pearls or chocolate chips in the fridge.

Mix cream (not mounted) with icing sugar and vanilla ice cream put in motion, when the blades are spinning, pour the cream sweetened by the vocals. Let start to take shape and cool off with the batter will start picking up volume and harden. After 15 minutes add the cherries by the member, without stopping the ice cream, let it mix well and then incorporated chocolate.

Let the ice cream maker to work another 15-20 minutes. Then pass the ice cream mix, which is creamy but not completely frozen, a container with a lid and insert it into the freezer until you have the desired texture. To make ice cream without ice cream, you should begin to mount as you normally cream and add sugar to sweeten the integration and, well flavored with vanilla, a good partner for this fruit.

Put whipped cream in a bowl, preferably metal (stainless steel) with cover. After half an hour, remove it and if it is slightly frozen, add chopped cherries the size you want, and chocolate, mix well and re-enter in the freezer. In the next two or three hours remove the ice cream freezer to beat and avoid the formation of crystals until completely frozen or at a desired location for consumption.

Homemade ice cream, to spend several hours in the freezer to harden more than most commercial ice creams, so before serving should be at room temperature for 15 minutes.

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