Monday, June 13, 2011

Spicy raw tomato soup with coconut and banana dumplings

From my new raw dishes cook book I have now conjured up a first menu, and indeed a spicy tomato cream soup with coconut and banana dumplings, green sesame balls with red-pepper cream sauce, and also a carrot-wheat germ salad. Everything was done very quickly, and tasted's us! The tomato soup is creamy durchpürieren become beautiful, easy, done! The noodles were really delicious to by the slightly sweet flavor, great haromonierten to the tomato soup! Conclusion: quickly made to make super easy and super tasty! And so I have it prepared all ingredients including chili powder and tomato puree in a blender and pour into 2 plates.

I put the soup for 1 hour in the fridge so it was particularly refreshing in the summer now! For the dumplings, the finely ground flax seeds, give all the other ingredients in blender and puree finely. can be drawn at least 1 hour, then parting noodles and add to the soup.

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