Monday, June 13, 2011

My new contest "The pearl of Italian cuisine"

Today nothing but a new recipe contest missed in the company of a company that is really important that you all know very well ILLA! ILLA launching a new line of pots or ILLA Pearl and very special occasion of this launch has launched a new contest and a very interesting contest which I hope the participation of so many is: "The pearl of Italian cooking" recipes of our tradition made and perhaps revised to suit your taste from sweet to salty (perhaps inspired by the cuisine of your region) to your free choice, taking particular account of the mise en place as the new ILLA Pearl has a very attractive and elegant line.

ILLA Pearl is a highly innovative line of pots. Its cover, created with the exclusive cooperation of the leaders dell'antiaderente Dupont, to live together of two souls, apparently very far from each other: the tradition and natural ceramics and performance dell'antiaderente. The coating from the particular color recalls the natural pearl, the symbol of timeless beauty and ability to withstand time and trends.

Now to the important prizes: 1st prize Pan 24 cm Saucepan 24 cm pan with lid 28 with lid line ILLA pearl 2nd Prize Pan 24 cm Saucepan 24 cm pan with lid 3 rd Prize 24 cm Now we start with a few rules and simple:-The contest includes all category so you can prepare recipes ranging from appetizers to desserts maybe adapted and reworked, taking particular account of the presentation of the dish.

-Participants must expose the banner of the initiative on their blog and the recipe and leave a comment and link in this recipe that will always be visible in the right column of my blog. -You can send a single recipe, preferably made especially for this contest but if you have not already posted a time achieved by the end of the contest.

-If you like and you are not yet, join my supporters. -The contest starts today and ends June 13 July 13, just enough time to prepare the recipes sent and nominate the winners of three prizes from ILLA recipes received will be judged on: 1) originality 2) All ' palatability 3) In the photo slide show.

The winners will be announced in the days immediately following the expiry date by myself and by ILLA.

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