Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy to Cook: Tagliatelle with green asparagus and gorgonzola cheese sauce

400 grams of noodles, 1 bunch fresh asparagus, gorgonzola cheese 1 wedge (about 200 grams), 250 ml. cream for cooking, extra virgin olive oil, salt and ground white pepper. Cook the pasta. Mine was homemade fresh pasta and baked in salt water and a little oil for about 8 minutes.

Check the cooking tasting it. Otherwise, follow the manufacturer's instructions on the package. Prepare the sauce in a bowl with a fork chafar well gorgonzola cheese and add cream. Add salt and pepper and stir well the whole. Add more cream if mixture is too thick. Remove the asparagus part of the base and cut in half.

In a skillet saute the asparagus with a pinch of salt. Add the cheese sauce and cook for a minute. Serve the pasta with asparagus and cheese sauce gorgonzola.

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