Thursday, April 21, 2011

These days it feels like to stand out in the open air to enjoy this day of celebration so today I offer a recipe for those finger food to eat even as the opening of the Easter dinner or why not, throw it in your cooler and take them to Easter Monday picnic! These savory fritters are fast to prepare (if you plan to do even the cream puffs then a moment of time that it takes longer).

I used the cream puffs of Vicenzi really soft and delicious and stuffed with a cream cheese and greek yogurt flavored with capers (I used the flowers of the caper also called Cuccule who have a completely different flavor) and tuna in oil excellent quality ... Put the cap, I have placed on these plates of finger food from Italian atmosphere and I have presented at a dinner table with friends and was a success ...

.2 minutes and makes a great tasty morsel!! Cream puffs of flowers and caper tuna 1 box of cream puffs Vicenzi (the package contains twenty regulator so if you want to prepare the cream puffs) 200 g ricotta 200 g greek yoghurt 4 caper flowers Campisi (you can replace it with a handful of capers) 200 g of tuna in olive oil Campisi In a bowl mix the ricotta with the greek yogurt, add the chopped capers to the knife and let it firm up the cream in the fridge an hour.

Halve the cream puffs, filled a pastry bag with the cream cheese and stuffed all the cream puffs. On each puff with the help of a spoon, place small pieces of tuna, cover with the cap and let the puffs in the fridge until ready to serve. Staying on the theme of Italian atmosphere, girls have a surprise for all of you that I always follow with great affection.

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