Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Toast with asparagus, salmon and brie cheese

This toast with asparagus, salmon and brie, which easily becomes a sandwich or snack putting up another slice of bread is a great way to enjoy a casual dinner or a delicious cover at any time you want to make a delicious whim the palate. Easy and quick to prepare, despite the cheese and salmon are foods with high fat content, may be part of a balanced diet when taking into account the other day intakes.

I told you we were going to use the asparagus season, and also hope that you enjoy this toast with asparagus, salmon and brie cheese shortly. 4 slices of bread (they are in a bar about a kilo, are large), 1 piece of brie cheese, asparagus 20 a bit thick slices of smoked salmon 4 large (or 8 small), 1 egg yolk, cabbage sprouts, chives, extra virgin olive oil and salt.

Thoroughly clean the asparagus, remove the hard core, dry them well and put a grill or griddle to warm up with a little olive oil, when hot features asparagus, room to taste and bring them to medium high heat for it done faster, leaving a little crunchy in the center. Prepare the salmon, you place it on the toast as you like, but if you want to present attractive rolling up doing two rosettes.

Cut the bread slices on a grill tuéstalas until crisp on the outside but tender inside. Cut brie into slices and place on bread, slightly fúndelo taking the bread on the grill, salamander or grill, or alternatively in the microwave.

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