Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Artichokes with ham and duck scamorza

Artichokes with ham and duck scamorza are easy and quick to make, also offer a very nice combination of flavors, almost addictive. Hope you feel encouraged to try them. 8 artichokes, 16 slices of duck ham, 140 grams of white scamorza, 2 c / s sprocket, pink pepper, extra virgin olive oil and salt. To prepare the artichokes, before marking on the grill, wash them and put them without removing the outer leaves in a pot with water to cook, as we explained in the post you cooked artichokes.

Then peel off easily and will be available to serve or pass through the grid like this time, being more tasty. Put some extra virgin olive oil in the pan and check the artichokes cut in half by adding a little salt, to taste. Cut thin slices of scamorza and put them over the artichokes to melt slightly with the heat.

Turn off heat, remove the artichokes from the grill and place the slices of cured duck to take temperature, only a few seconds, remove them as fat is transparent. On the same grill roasted pine nuts Serve artichokes with ham and duck scamorza ends up dividing the nuts, pink pepper and if desired, a trickle of extra virgin olive oil.

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