Saturday, March 19, 2011

The paccheri and donuts on Sunday in San Jose

First of all I do lots of good wishes to all the fathers and Joseph celebrate today and I offer a really tasty dish the classic dish of Sunday, the hearty and rich in taste! A dish in the original recipe calls for browning the cheese Bitto that Naples obviously I have not found so I replaced it with the fontina.

You can make the pot even in individual casserole or crock pot for the series also the eye wants its part! And then to Naples to San Jose I can not miss the donuts. Fried or baked are always delightfully good. The Sunday afternoon I prepared the recipe using De Riso like last year because I liked a lot but I did half the dose because the temptation to eat one after the other was too strong and I can not resist the temptation! ! Paccheri sausage with mushrooms and fontina (or posts) from the magazine's January Alice 380g pasta Pacher (The pulp of Gragnano) 2 sausages 600g 200g mushrooms 50g grated parmesan fontina cream 100ml milk ½ cup white wine onion salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil Clean mushrooms, remove the base and slice them.

In a pan large enough (I used the pan), fry the onion. Add mushrooms. Cook until it will be reduced and their water evaporated. Add the sausage, chopped. Cook 5 minutes and blended with white wine. Add the cream, salt and pepper. Cook the pasta in salted water. Season with mushrooms and sausage and a bit 'of Parmesan cheese.

Paccheri Put in a baking dish and cover with sliced fontina cheese and remaining Parmesan. Bake at 180 degrees and make au gratin for a few minutes just long enough to melt the fontina. Zeppole of St. Joseph of Sal De Riso Ingredients (in brackets the doses used by me) Custard: 9 eggs (I 4) 150 g sugar (75 g of sugar) 350 g of milk (175 ml of milk) 150 g cream (75 ml cream) lemon peel and vanilla 40 g corn starch (20 g starch) cream Salt Preparation: In a saucepan, whisk the yolks with the sugar, then add, continuing to stir, the seeds contained in a vanilla bean, starch and a pinch of salt.

Apart from heating the milk and cream with the zest of a lemon. Pour the hot milk into egg mixture, and cook the cream for a few minutes (the maximum firing temperature should be around 82). When ready, the cream should be put into another container (preferably steel) and must be covered with plastic wrap Ingredients 250 Cream puff of water (125 ml of water) 100 g butter (50 g of butter) 6 g of salt (3 g of salt) 250 g of flour (flour 125-130) 8 eggs (3 eggs) Preparation of zeppole: Boil the water and join the butter and salt.

Bring to a boil, then add the flour and cook well, stirring the mixture (the mass away from the edges and needs to "sizzle"). Allow to cool. Combine the whole eggs to the dough together, work well with electric whips. At this point, put the prepared mixture into a pastry bag with star nozzle, and with this, prepare each zeppole (which has almost the shape of a donut) on a single sheet of parchment paper 15x20.

Fry the donuts in hot oil at 180 ° C pouring oil directly into the sheet, until the zeppole will detach from the paper, will swell and Dorer. Drain and let cool on paper towels. How are the donuts: The donuts, once cooked, dusted with icing sugar and fill the middle (the hole) with the pastry cream (always with the help of a pastry bag) and finally garnish with the cherries in syrup .

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