Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lentils with meat

We seem to have abandoned some vegetables prepared in traditional way, although there are at our table every week, usually so light, how are you simple and tasty lentils with meat. We know that the sausages, like chorizo or sausage, are essential for many people in this type of stew, though our kitchen is not very common, also offer a tasty recipe for anyone who prefers.

No shortage of recipes for lentils with rice or vegetables, and do not think that the face of the spring will cease to crave these dishes, lentils, chickpeas, beans ... you have to eat them all year and we have many possibilities to bring the dish to the station.

300 grams of lentils, 350-400 grams of beef (for stewing, but it is tender), ½ onion, 1 parsnip, ½ green pepper, 3 small ripe tomatoes, 2 garlic cloves, 2 peppers, 1 bay leaf ½ c / f of ground cumin, freshly ground black pepper, paprika or sweet pepper (optional), a few sprigs of fresh thyme, a pinch of sugar, salt and extra virgin olive oil.

The lentils can be done without putting the vegetable soak, but generally we so greatly reduces the cooking time, even making a conventional pot, which also pleases us more than using pressure cookers. Your choice is to choose the pot that you like to use for lentils, controlling the time required in each case.

The night before making the lentils, put them to soak in plenty of water before cooking, rinse and drain. Peel and chop onion brunoise, peel and chop the parsnips well, peel the garlic and give them a shot to break, remove the stems and seeds of green pepper and cut the same size as the above ingredients.

Grate the tomatoes and add a pinch of sugar, open the peppers and remove seeds and stem, and finally, season the meat will not cut into large dice. Put a pot on the fire with a background of olive oil, when hot, incorporates the peppers in a minute and add the meat, Doral a few minutes, stirring to evenly done.

When the beef is browned, remove it with the peppers, book tightly closed. Add some olive oil to the pot and reduce heat, when the temperature dropped a little, add the onion, pepper, garlic and parsnips, season to taste and fry until leaves are tender these vegetables. Then add the tomato, fire up a point, it also includes thyme to be flavored.

When the tomato vegetable water is evaporated, rejoin the flesh and pulp of the Nora you've separated from his skin scraping with the tip of a knife or a spoon, mix well with the sauce and it's time to incorporate lentils, and finally water, the amount required will be one or two fingers above the beans.

Add the water, the cumin and bay leaf, cover the pot and bring to a boil, then lower temperature to low heat and cook until lentils are tender. Uncover the pot should not often tested in about 15-20 minutes if you had to soak lentils, otherwise the cooking time will be twice as long or more (also depends on the quality of the legume).

When the lentils are at their best, turn off the heat and adds, if you choose, pinch of pepper, mix well and let stand a few minutes before serving.

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