Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Baked Spinach Frittata

I love the omelets in the oven because they are soft and supple and can be either a single dish served in small plates portion for delicious finger food. My favorite is the one with spinach, ricotta and dried tomatoes and fontina cheese ... delicious! I sprinkled before baking the frittata with the Panpan (triple toasted) of the Company of herbs so as to create a light crispy crust ...

Try an omelet is really tasty and the ingredients blend together beautifully in fact the slightly bitter taste of spinach is combined with sweetness and delicacy of ricotta in a perfect marriage of flavors and sensations Now I run a dentist's waiting for me ... ... hopefully good ... do cross each other many for me D!! Omelette with spinach, ricotta and sun-dried tomatoes 4 eggs 150 g fontina, diced 500 g of spinach washed and boiled briefly pinch of baking soda (used to inflate it a bit) 300 g ricotta cheese 5-6 sun-dried tomatoes Salt to taste Butter to taste Panpan Beat eggs with salt, baking soda and if you like pepper and add the ricotta and mix well.

Chop the spinach with a knife who have previously blanched and drained and diced dried tomatoes and fontina cheese and add the eggs. Butter a mold and sprinkle with Panpan and pour the egg mixture over and another handful of Panpan and bake at 180 for 40 minutes. The omelette is ready when it begins to come off well from the edges of the mold and the inside will not be creamy

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