Monday, March 21, 2011

Spicy lentil walnut cake

Today I may even start to work a little later, and I've prepared just after breakfast a delicious lunch: a lens-walnut cake, more like a casserole. The whole is completed relatively quickly: first dish you cook soft lenses in vegetable stock, pureed and then a major part of the mass.

Then you fry in onions and garlic, add to grated carrots, apple, raisins and walnuts. Now be added the pureed and whole lenses, a Chia-egg, oatmeal and bread crumbs. Spicy seasoned with salt, pepper and thyme, press the mixture into a baking dish. Everything is now coated with a spicy-sweet glaze, consisting of ketchup, balsamic vinegar, Ahornisurp and applesauce.

During the run was 45 minutes in the oven, I just walk gleichmal busy to bake, I made a colorful salad made with herb-yogurt dressing has to fit well. I think the cake totally delicious, nutty, and it tastes good to lenses. The rest I'll freeze in 5 portions, great if you take does not have time / feel like cooking! Vegetable broth to a boil, add lentils and let simmer for about 40 minutes, until tender.

Ca. 3 / 4 of mass puree. Preheat oven to 140 degrees. Chia seeds with half a cup of warm water mix and at least 5, can better stand for 10 minutes. Heat oil and fry onions and garlic. Add carrots and cook for 2 minutes. Apple, raisins and walnuts and add some more fry. Strong, thyme, salt and pepper.

Add flaxseed, oatmeal, bread crumbs and Chia seeds, including all liquid and mix well. press into a small baking dish and smooth out. For the icing ketchup, maple syrup, apple sauce and vinegar mix and spread on the cake. Bake for 45 minutes.

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