Sunday, March 27, 2011


Serving for two: 250 gr trofie fresh (or dried) For the small fillets sugo6 gallinella4 tomatoes piccadilly1 white clove agliovino For crema2 handfuls of basil leaves a handful of soft ricotta pinoli60 gr oliosaleEliminate the skin and any bones from fillets of chicken and cut into cubes.

Private peel tomatoes, remove seeds and cut into strips. Puree the basil with a pinch of salt, ricotta, pine nuts and a bit 'of oil: do not worry if it was too dense, the diluted after adding a few tablespoons of pasta cooking water. You can do these operations with widely beforehand and keep everything in the refrigerator until you put the pot on the stove to cook pasta.

Boil water to cook trofie. Meanwhile in a large pan, pour a little 'oil, add half a glass of white wine and a clove of garlic, slightly crushed. When the emulsion is formed add the fish, salt and cook over high heat. Water for boiling pasta? Ok, add salt and pour trofie. After a few minutes - it fresh enough for about 4 - trofie taken with a slotted spoon, transfer them to the pan and sauté for several minutes.

Retrieve the basil cream, stretch it with a tablespoon of cooking pasta. Turn off the heat under the pan, add the cream to the pasta, stir gently and serve hot.

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