Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sesame mayonnaise

To accompany a steamed fish, beef brochettes, some fresh vegetables or crudités, we propose a simple salsa recipe and quick to make, a sesame mayonnaise is very versatile when it comes to enrich various dishes. There are different formulas when developing a sesame mayonnaise, because as you know, this little seed is from their most natural form, to a paste (tahini) on the market, we can also use sesame oil, the gomasio ...

The first recipe for sesame mayonnaise that we are going to show the elaborate with sesame paste known as tahini and tahini, this time we needed a thick mayonnaise with which we have developed a sandwich that will show you shortly. 4 c / s of mayonnaise, 1 ½ c / s of tahini, 1 c / w soy sauce and 1 c / w sesame seeds (optional).

Put a frying pan without oil, over medium heat and toast the sesame seeds, moving them from time to time, until they begin to jump and emit their intense aroma. When ready, let cool. Put the mayonnaise in a bowl and enters the tahini, mix well, until both ingredients are well combined. Then add the soy sauce, which also could be replaced with hoisin sauce, gives a different touch and very rich.

Remixed. Finally, add the sesame seeds, which could enhance its flavor if suribachi lightly crushed in a mortar or traditional. Sesame mayonnaise is ready to dress the dish you want a simple burger appreciate the condiment.

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