Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy to Cook: poussin roasted with soy sauce and citrus

4 poussin chickens, 1 large onion, soy and citrus dressing and chive oil. Citrus soy marinade and 3 c / s soy sauce, 1 lemon, 1 orange, 2 tangerines, 1 c / s chive oil, 2 cloves of garlic, 1 c / s of chopped cilantro, 2 c / s Oporto, 1 c / s of mirin, pepper and 1 c / c of brown sugar. Chive oil 50 grams of onion and ¼ liter of extra virgin olive oil.

To make the chive oil, put in a glass jar ¼ liter of oil, a bunch of chives and beat well. We cover and let rest a week in a dark, open every day and beat him. Finally, we filter and ready to use chive oil. The paste is the oil filter not throw chives, is a seasoning for any dish. To prepare the marinade, squeeze citrus, we add the soy sauce, Porto, mirin, cilantro and garlic.

Beat well until emulsified. Cut the onion into strips, the fry with a little oil. When you start to be golden we put at the bottom of the dish. Prepare the poussin, cut the chicken into chunks, we add pepper but not salt, as we will use soy sauce and this room enough. Soak it well with the marinade and place in a bowl, I covered with plastic wrap and let rest a few hours in the refrigerator.

We take the skin of the orange and lemon with a vegetable peeler, carefully and with a sharp knife will remove all white under the skin, this step is important because the white of the bitter orange. Cut into long strips the skins, put them in the pan in which we fried onion with a little butter and a teaspoon of brown sugar, caramel.

The result is a crunchy sticks orange and lemon poussin perfect accompaniment. On the bed of onions, we deliver half of the orange sticks, put him over the chicken, the marinade get wet and we put in the oven at 180 ┬║ C, when browned on one side we turn. You must be very crisp and tender, the onions, we must have a bit caramelized and the sauce will have reduced by half.

Serve the roast poussin with soy and citrus sauce over the onions with the remaining orange sticks on top.

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