Friday, March 25, 2011

Rice Cakes

 12 wafers of pies, 600 ml of milk, 60 grams of butter, 20 grams of meal of rice, 20 grams of cornstarch, 30 grams of flour, 80 grams of sugar, a pinch of salt and 2 medium eggs. Preheat oven to 200 º C.

Place in a glass of milk and Thermomix butter 2 min, 50 ° C, vel 1. Meanwhile, line the mold with the wafer. For the molds that I have, I do better small wafers, because they are right to the edge, large stand out a bit, but just a matter of cutting a little and you're done. Wafers should take about 10 minutes before the fridge so they are more manageable.

Add milk to the cup semolina, cornstarch, flour, sugar and salt, mix 30 seconds, vel 8 without temperature. Add eggs and mix nozzle for another 10 seconds, vel 6, no temperature. Fill the molds with the liquid to the top (comes just for the 12 cupcakes). When we put the liquid mixture into the molds, we may be part of the meal is rice in the bottom of the vessel, that does not happen, we will be shaking the glass as we fill the molds.

Bake 25 minutes at 200 º C. Let cool. You will see that when the time, the cakes are all uploaded and when do you find the furnace is going down and eventually left with hollow. This is normal, they have to be so. If after spending the 25 minutes you see the cupcakes without getting a light golden color, put 2 minutes on the grill.

Are most desirable. When serving, I like to lightly warm. If you have to save them overnight, do it in the fridge, but then when you go to serve, add a touch of microwave, just enough to take the chill off.

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