Sunday, March 27, 2011

Crispy fried chicken with a spicy beer sauce filled Pumpernickel

Today's lunch was again a tasty, crunchy whole roasted chicken. On the Internet I came across this recipe, in which the roasted chicken is doused with beer, and so super fragrant and crispy. I really wanted to try this! I stuffed the chicken this time not with a normal Dumpling dough from bread cubes as usual, but had the spontaneous idea to fill it with a more aromatic Pumpernickel Dumpling dough.

I love Pumpernickelbrot, it is so strong and sweet taste of her, and I'm just playing around with something until I had the desired consistency of the dumpling dough. I found the taste of infinity good, especially with the beer sauce that fit great! In addition I have mitgegart baby potatoes with skin, and from the rest of the wealth I have cooked dumplings.

I love to try new things, and I'm so again and again to great ideas and combinations - this one's has not been for the last time! Pumpernickel into cubes and place in a large bowl. Milk, eggs, salt, pepper and parsley and mix with a spoon first. Then with your hands knead the mass is more compact, but still remain bit of it.

If required add some more milk. 30 minutes to swell. Preheat oven to 200 degrees. Wash chicken and pat dry. Then fill with the fullness, and close, tie the Flügerl. Pour into a large roasting pan or baking dish. The surface of chicken with salt and pepper and rub well with the chicken spice.

Mix the beer, salt, pepper and paprika, and pour up to 3 tablespoons of the chicken. Mix the rest with the honey and set aside, the mixture is needed later. Baking dish in the oven and roast 45 minutes. Who I would like to make the rest of the dumpling dough dumplings in it also the best now.

Boil a large pot of water. 2 sheets of aluminum foil brush with butter, and spread each half of dough on übrigebliebenen elongated. How to roll a candy, twist ends, and wrap each roll again into a piece of aluminum foil so no water comes into it so well. Put into the water, turning down heat, and simmer half covered about 40 minutes quite easily be.

Then cut into slices, and in the ghee or butter in a pan fry both sides short. Keep warm. Then after the 45 minutes roasting time by half the potatoes with salt, pepper and Bratkartoffelöl mix and place in the baking dish around chicken. Top with oregano twigs and fry for another 20 minutes.

Now the chicken with the beer and honey mixture brush so that it is crunchy, potatoes and stir fry for another 20 minutes. Slice the chicken (which I learned the way, after this video, great instructions!) and serve with green salad and the best dumplings per 2 slices.

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