Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mango ravioli, shrimp and crispy yogurt

The mango ravioli, shrimp and crispy snack is yogurt elegant palate, with rich textures and soft juicy flavor, but they have character. The shrimp filling is like a treat, therefore it is raw (if you prefer to skip it, is in your hands), marinated with spices, oils and sublime. The texture is needed in this succulent mouthful, so we use the crispy yogurt that you can find here, we will tell you shortly of this product that is already available in small jars for domestic use.

For now, we encourage you to try this mango ravioli, shrimp and crispy yogurt that surprises the most demanding palate. ½ mango, 6-8 shrimp (size), 2 c / s in brunoise onion, 2 c / s of extra virgin olive oil, 1 c / s of sesame oil, ½ c / p of chopped dried chile , freshly ground black pepper, table salt, Maldon salt, black sesame seeds and crispy yogurt.

Peel the prawns, open them in half and remove the intestines. Chop with a knife to make a tartar. Place in a bowl and adds minced onion brunoise, chile, olive oil, sesame oil, a pinch of black pepper and fine salt to taste, stir well, cover the container with kitchen plastic wrap and let stand in the refrigerator about 30 minutes.

Toasted black sesame seeds in a pan without oil and then allowed to cool. Reserve. Peel the mango and cut into thin slices that can be folded to form the ravioli. Arrange each plate of mango on the bench at one end and put a dollop of farce, marinated shrimp. Close the handle to form the ravioli and arrange on a plate or spoon presentation.

Add a little Maldon salt, black sesame, two drops of olive oil and sesame oil and ends with crispys yogurt. Serve immediately and enjoy!

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