Sunday, March 20, 2011

Slow Fish 2011

From 27 to 30 May will take place in the city of Genoa (Italy), Slow Fish 2011, an appointment dedicated to the world of seafood, organized by Slow Food. It is a biennial event that this time celebrates its fifth edition. This year the exhibition carries the theme "The fishermen, another endangered species," this will be the focus of the fair and around it, rotate other issues such as the impoverishment of the seas and the important role that has to be to protect human and sea food variety offered.

For four days, Slow Fish 2011 will be a big stage, a cultural center, a platform speaker and a tasting room, there will be workshops, tasting all kinds of marine products, lectures, symposia, conferences devoted to fishing and all its problem, we again extol the need to work within the parameters of sustainable fisheries, future trends, how climate change affects marine products, will discuss health and why it is so important to include fish in the diet , how to eat this food without risking a certain kind, etc..

It's a great appointment with a comprehensive program of activities and dynamic. As in previous years, again the major national and international chefs will star in so-called Theatre of Taste, a large stage which will offer live cooking prepared with seasonal foods that are within the parameters of sustainability and freshness.

To enjoy the food, will also include wine, drink that combine well with tastings, are red, white or pink. Enoteca emphasize the Slow Fish, a space which will find more than 800 references of wine. Among the chefs who will participate in the cooking demonstrations will be present Gaƫl Orieux (France), Gurs Mehmet (Turkey), Aidan MacManus (Ireland), Moreno Cedroni, Stefano and Luciano Zazzeri Ciotti (Italy).

At the moment we do not know the list of participating chefs in full, but as in other editions, we assume that also involved a Spanish chef. Taste Workshops acquire new players, in fact, is one of the established activities at Slow Fish. These spaces tastings guided by experts, fishermen and chefs, and comment on the flavors, will discuss the history of each food fishing will be carried out sensory analysis, will talk about the nutritional content and the various methods and ways to use the kitchen.

As a novelty in this edition will be given special importance to extra virgin olive oil, each will have been used elaborate tasting the best Italian peninsula oils, oils that have been selected from the tenth edition of the Guida agli Extravergini containing almost oil 1,000 references.

We note that in this new edition of the Taste Workshops, the lesser known species or at the time are not as valued commercially, players will be food, an alternative that should be taken into account in order to eat fish and give a break to species suffering from overexploitation. Slow Fish In 2011 also will be held tastings for school groups, is to educate children to accept the fish in their diet, nothing better than trying to conquer your palate.

Another activity that may be interesting is that market falls under the title, menus and chefs, visitors will learn a fish market and an expert will teach you how and what to choose from exposed marine products, then be prepared and tasted. As mentioned, Slow Fish 2011 carries the theme "The fishermen, another endangered species," the story of fishing, understand its functioning and the techniques used by different cultures, will enable visitors to make a comparison, gaining understanding the evolution of fishing techniques and their consequences.

It will address the topic of globalization and how it has affected the fishing industry, trade, to push some species to the brink of extinction, and so on. These are topics covered in the area of Slow Fish Market and specifically in the Slow Food devoted to fish and salt.

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