Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Duck breast glazed with honey spicy dumplings and turnip yellow polenta

Ingredients for 4 people 2 duck breasts 1 carrot Lacquer 3 tablespoons honey 1 teaspoon tomato paste 20g fresh ginger 2 dried apricots, prunes 2 5 cl 5 cl white balsamic vinegar 1 teaspoon of port mixing 5 bays Mashed Turnips yellow turnip yellow 300gr 200gr carrots 1 swede 25g butter 5 cup heavy cream Salt and pepper to 5 bays Fries 80g polenta polenta 250 ml milk 1 egg yolk 50g corn kernels (cooked) Salt and pepper to 5 Nutmeg bays stretch film polenta: boil the milk, pour the polenta into rain and then kernel corn, whisking vigorously and cook a few minutes.

Off the heat, add egg yolk, salt, pepper and nutmeg and pour onto a plate in the film├ętirable taking care form a rectangle of 1.5 cm thick. Leave to cool. THE PAINT: Cut the apricots finely and prunes. Grate the ginger and bring together all ingredients in a bowl. Mix well and keep in fridge.

THE CHIPS CARROTS: Clean carrots and cut into thin strips. Enter them in a pan with a little olive oil and place them on foam circles. Bake it all for dehydration at 180 ° C fifteen minutes. Watch cooking. PUREEE TURNIP YELLOW: Peel the turnips, carrots and turnips and cut coarsely your vegetables that you put in a baking pan with water-containing.

When it's done, go to the mill to puree the vegetables and then put into a container. Add butter, cream and seasoning. PAREZ the duck breasts and score skin into small diamond shapes. In a hot skillet, sear the duck breasts skin side down to dry 10 to 12 minutes, turn them flesh side and cook for 5 minutes by removing occasionally rendered fat.

Let the meat rest 5 to 10 minutes to tenderize the flesh of the breasts. CUT LARGE FRIES polenta, brown them in butter. BRUSH HEARTY duck skin side with lacquer and then caramelize in the oven the grill by spraying juice made. Cut the duck in half and then sliced \u200b\u200bnot too thin.

Train them in the center of the plate with a big scoop of mashed turnips you surround with chips carrot, fried polenta and a thin bead of juice.

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