Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Penne with tuna, capers and roe

Good day girls a brief account of my dental adventure: I'm still a bit stunned (and with only one cheek to Ferilli: D) but the mole is gone, deceased, removed, deleted, so I'm feeling much better and the good and the dentist discovered by X-ray that I still had a mole of pending proceedings that went down because of this and then grind away a bit of this and I find myself with a new molar! I feel like a child who is going to tick it lost the tooth will buy back another one: D!! Ok, back to the stove, oven or anything is better than nothing sweet in store for this week but I have several savory recipes to show you.

This now is a really fresh pasta with tuna and sciuè sciuè Campisi but high quality, caper flowers and ground mullet (Campisi always) with a couple of tomatoes and a few tablespoons of cream and whisk to soften the most of everything ... That How about pretty appetizing? We particularly enjoyed the desserts and ....?? Next week we'll make the dentist otherwise I lnciaaaaaaaaaaa!! Penne with tuna, capers and roe 400 g penne (Colavita) 50 g cherry tomatoes 150 g of tuna in the sea breeze sotto'olio (Campisi) 20 g of flowers of wild caper (Campisi) salt and pepper to taste 1 tablespoon of grated tuna roe (Campisi) Extra virgin olive oil to taste 1 clove garlic In a large skillet or wok, brown the garlic in the oil and then we combine the tuna, cook 5 minutes, remove the garlic and join the tomatoes cut in half.

Let it go and join all the cream and cook another few minutes and put aside. Cook pasta and versiamola in the pan with the tuna and stir everything. After Serve and sprinkle with grated mullet roe.

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