Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Coconut Overnight Oats - Split style!

From here I have this brilliant idea, namely Overnight Oats on a halved banana serve, so to speak as a banana split, and still on top a heavenly creamy soft-serve. I've altered a bit, however, and taken, for example, instead of cherries and raspberries mixed in to the Pre-Oats coconut, which matches with raspberry I think.

Topped with a raspberry and crunchy granola, sees the whole thing more like dessert than after breakfast, while it's not nearly healthy! Of vitamins, proteins and fiber everything is just perfect, especially since you need not even five minutes in the morning for it! *-* For Overnight Oats: For the Raspberry Soft Serve: Also: On the eve quickly mix all ingredients for the Pre-Oats, cover and refrigerate.

Halve the morning half a banana, and place on a plate, spread the oats on it. For the soft-serve the raspberries with the remaining half a banana in a blender until light and fluffy hit, and it spread. Garnish with a raspberry, and sprinkle with granola. Done! Really takes less than 5 minutes in the morning, and is soo yummy

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