Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gin Tonic with strawberry

This weekend we have prepared this Gin Tonic with strawberry that we share with you. We have a long way to go in the world of cocktails, each day we like at least in the wide range of possibilities offered to take a gin and tonic, so let's step by step testing cocktails teachers from Spain and by also our combinations.

Gin Tonic with strawberries This is an interesting combination for which you should use a gin that is not too spicy. The result we have enjoyed as much as the Gin Tonic Botanical that we show a few weeks ago, but are totally different, like our taste buds asking us different things at different times.

8 cl. Geneva (Seagram's), 20 cl. tonic, 3 juniper berries, 2 slices of strawberry or strawberry, 1 orange twist (1 strip of orange skin without Alveda). An hour earlier, about serving the Gin Tonic, Gin put in a decanter and add the juniper berries, strawberry and orange peel, let it macerate.

Having the tonic in the fridge will also benefit the drink. Before serving the Gin Tonic with strawberry, cools the glass (a glass or glass wide mouth that allows us to appreciate the aromas to drink) with ice cubes, discarding the water that may have been detached. Wash previously served gin to remove the marinade ingredients, and if you want, then added a slice of fresh strawberry and orange twist.

Then slowly pour the tonic to keep the bubbles break, often use a long spoon placed vertically on the glass, dropping the tone of the handle.

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