Thursday, March 17, 2011


Ingredients J 200 + 200 g rice carnarolizafferano150 gr fresh spinach 1 + 1 + 1 glass scalogni1 lattevino biancobrodo vegetaleparmigiano grattugiatofontina olioburrosale & pepper to taste For the sauce (optional) to taste grated fontina cheese to taste milk to taste fresh cream to taste Pour a bit 'of oil in a pan and let wilt the spinach.

Let cool and cut with the crescent. Chop the shallots. Let's start with the firing of two rice! The performance is practically the same, only different are the times of addition of ingredients: spinach and saffron. Not to dwell with the recipe and not confusing, I decided to return at the beginning of each step, the name of the risotto: in practice, are used only SAFFRON? then the transition will not affect the spinach risotto J.

One more thing ... remember you have to put you in the kitchen with two pots and two spoons: do not ever spoons otherwise mix the two colors and you have to change the name to the pot J SAFFRON AND SPINACINella pan heat a bit 'of oil and a bit' of burroZAFFERANOAggiungete half of the shallots and saute for several minutes.

SPINACIAggiungete the other half of the scallions and spinach and saute for several minutes. SAFFRON AND SPINACIVersate rice, toast and blended with wine. When evaporated, add half a glass of milk and, once absorbed, pour the other half. Continue cooking, adding a little at a time, the hot broth.

When the cooking is almost over (it should remain "al dente) with salt. ZAFFERANOAggiungete saffron, previously dissolved in a little 'hot broth, stirring well. SAFFRON AND SPINACISpegnete the heat, add a knob of butter and a bit 'of parmesan cheese, stir well and let stand for several minutes.

Spread a bit 'of yellow rice on the bottom of the molds crème caramel (wedge it well to avoid gaps that remain) and fill to the brim with green risotto. Let cool to room temperature. Before serving, the mold in a baking dish (cut out the stencil with scissors and remove it), distributed on the surface a few thin slices of fontina cheese, a pinch of pepper and bake in preheated oven at 200 degrees for about 20 minutes.

If, like me, you want to accompany with the sauce, cook in a double boiler, melt the grated Parmesan and fontina cheese, cut into julienne strips, in a bit 'of milk and cream. Excuse me, the ingredients for the sauce, I did not specify any dose, but in some cases should go to the eye: for these pies, I chose a fairly liquid consistency and I then poured in small jugs, as well as keep it hot, allow each guest to pour a bit 'at a time and in any quantity.

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