Thursday, March 24, 2011

Chocolate caramel and Calvados

Remains a simple preparation for a delicious sauce with which to enrich all types of desserts, fruits, biscuits, cakes, crepes, waffles, macarons ... Possibly the chocolate candy and calvados also find a place in your pantry. 170 grams sugar, 60 grams of butter, 10 grams of pure cocoa powder, 115 grams of cream or cream, 20 grams of calvados (you can use other liquor you like to combine with the chocolate) and a pinch of salt ( You can use salted butter and skip adding more).

Before you start the cream left out of the refrigerator so that it is at room temperature, when you weigh the quantity needed, add the cocoa powder and calvados, and mix until blended. Put sugar in a saucepan over medium heat, heat slowly until a dark caramel. At that time, remove the pan from heat, add butter and pinch of salt, and mix well.

Then pour the cream slowly while bats with a spatula to integrate well. Cook 3-5 minutes over low heat and stirring constantly, to then pour the chocolate candy and calvados in a glass jar for about 300 grams.

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