Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bolognese sauce

There are recipes that do not touch that are a must and which are good as they were designed and produced by one of these forever and I believe it is the Bolognese sauce! Versions are many and each can make a few changes as the choice of the cut of meat to use, but overall the Bologna remains one of the best known and most loved dishes and after the Neapolitan sauce for me this is always one of my favorites ! I love the beautiful Bologna and salsosa to be sure I chose the tomato sauce and basil Mutti beautiful full-bodied who gave me this intense and flavorful Bolognese in an embrace unique and immensely tasty! Bolognese sauce 300 g minced beef 150 g of fresh bacon 1 carrot 1 celery 1 onion, extra virgin olive oil to taste 200 ml of cut basil Mutti! 7 "glass of red wine 100 ml of milk Preparation Make the bacon into small cubes Clean the carrot, celery and onion, chop it all, put the oil in a pan to heat and pour the bacon with all the herbs and then cook, add the meat and continue to fry for five minutes, add the wine and let it dry, pour the tomato sauce cook for about two hours, occasionally adding the milk.

With this recipe I participate in the great contest Cooking with my sister in collaboration with Mutti "Cooking with the tomato ..." a passion common to all of us Italians!

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