Monday, May 23, 2011

Tower of fusilli with vegetables spelled integral

Ashanti cloth, and laid this week begins with the salty, yes, the dessert will not bother God forbid, but I think you also like me you are looking for simple dishes for replication in fresh and tasty food without too much trouble and this dish is quite tasty in its simplicity! What gives the extra touch is definitely the pasta or fusilli spelled Verrigni full, old pasta factory Roseto.

This pasta is made with the best meal of whole barley grown in Italy in organic farming and believe me, the difference in the flat it feels to not cover all the flavors of this pasta so special, I simply seasoned with diced pumpkin zucchini and sauté shallots with a bit of vegetable broth and tie it all together a few tablespoons of Great cooking sauce light and delicate taste that without cover.

To give a chic touch I made this pasta, creating a tower with a cup of pasta Guardini that certainly gives a very pleasant image to the whole composition! Tower of fusilli with vegetables spelled full Serves 2 200g of fusilli spelled integral Verrigni 1 shallot 2 courgettes 400 g pumpkin 3 tablespoons of cooking Great Co.

Dona P. Extra virgin olive oil ½ liter of vegetable board Cut the zucchini into chunks and pumpkin. In a large skillet saute the shallots, add the diced vegetables and cook a couple of ladles of broth. When cooked, add the cream and stir. Cook the pasta and pour into the pan and fried everything.

Place dough on a hood of a dinner plate and fill with the paste and decorated it all with a tablespoon of diced vegetables and a few basil leaves

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