Monday, May 30, 2011

Delight Lemon profiteroles

With this recipe I participate in the contest Tuki 'It's always tea-time "of the blog The icing on the cake for our tea time today I propose a slightly sweet' profiteroles some 'lemon delicious and tasty but so much with intense lemon scent that I find very suitable for summer. I have Fritters stuffed with custard and cream to make the most gorgeous I've added a spoon of lemon cream of Bacchus and grated lemon zest ...

all in this sweet summer!! I read the other day of the contest dedicated to Tuki own teatime so I could not participate because we share the same passion it with my address book Tea Time every week I crop a little time to share (alas, only virtually) that sweet sometimes break with light flaky biscuits and other times more delicious calories as these although I must admit that with the arrival of the heat you lose the atmosphere that accompanies the ritual of tea with a book and cover winter but we just leave it gains freshness tea in a better pitcher in the fridge out to a terrace and relax and enjoy a moment all the same for us.

To stay on the tea that I propose today is a green tea "Limoncello" of cuddles, tea expertly decorated with flowers and natural herbs and lemon rind reminiscent of the beautiful coastal walks in the flavor of lemon and sea .... Tea Time with the dreams of even in summer! Delight profiteroles with lemon 1 pack of cream puffs Vicenzi For the lemon custard 280 g of fresh milk 120 d of fresh cream 140 g of egg yolk 120 g sugar 32 g cornstarch 2 g of salt 2 lemons 1 / 2 vanilla bean 2 tablespoons of the creamy lemon 300 ml of Bacchus to mount pannada HulalĂ  Codap Decoration Zeste lemon white chocolate chips Dulcia In a pot put the milk cream and zest of three lemons and bring to boil slowly.

Remove from heat and set aside for x an hour. In separate bowl mix sugar with cornstarch (to avoid making lumps), add the egg yolks vanilla seeds and salt. Strain the milk and pour the mixture with the egg yolks. X simmer 1 minute until it begins to thicken and turn off the heat and add 2 tablespoons of lemon cream Bacchus and keep the cream in the fridge an hour so as to solidify slightly.

Divide the cream into 2, add to the whipped cream and the other stuffed cream puffs and dive into the cream and custard. Garnish with lemon zest and white chocolate chips

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