Monday, May 23, 2011

Frozen yogurt with cocoa

450 grams of creamy yogurt (can be skim), 100 grams of cream (35% M. G.), 30 grams of pure cocoa powder, few drops vanilla essence (optional) and 100-120 grams of sugar (try to sweeten to taste, bearing in mind that the freeze is perceived less sweetness). Both the cream and yogurt should be very cold, put them in the refrigerator several hours before making ice cream.

The container of ice cream, if the same type as ours, must have been in the freezer at least 24 hours. Mixture in a container that is also cold, yogurt, cream, sugar, cocoa powder and vanilla essence, sifted cocoa lumps are not made and blends well with the rods. Fire up the ice cream maker and pour the prepared mixture vocal for ice cream.

Leave work about 30 minutes or so to specify the instructions for your ice cream maker. The result is a soft type ice cream, soft, or you can try and pass it to a container with a tight lid and leave it in the freezer a few hours to harden more.

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