Monday, May 30, 2011

Scrambled eggs with tomato

Serves: 4 people Difficulty ': Easy Preparation time: 20 minutes + the candied tomatoes INGREDIENTS 8 eggs 8 tomato sauce tomato basil butter sugar salt pepper ---------------- ---------- PROCEDURE Cut the tomatoes in half ', empty seeds, arrange them on a plate covered with baking paper, add salt, sprinkle it with some' sugar and let them dry (candy) in the oven to 50 degrees for several hours.

When put on the table, break the eggs into a bowl, add the tomato sauce (about 200g.), Salt, pepper, chopped basil, whip with a fork and strapazzatele over low heat in a pan with a large knob of butter, until 'is creamy. Turn off the heat, spread on the plates, garnish with candied tomatoes, fresh basil and serve.

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