Sunday, May 29, 2011

Melon salad, feta cheese and anchovy vinaigrette

For any day of the week, either for lunch or dinner, this salad of watermelon, feta cheese and anchovy vinaigrette is easy and quick to prepare. An incoming nutrient, which we expect you to take notes in the coming months, the salads are the most popular dishes in most homes. ½ cantaloupe, 250 grams of feta cheese, lettuce, spinach, oak leaf sprouts, beet vinaigrette ...

anchovies c / n of extra virgin olive oil, c / n lemon juice (or vinegar to taste) , 1 c / c sesame oil, 5 semi-preserved anchovies, 4-6 large fresh basil leaves, 1 c / s of honey and 2 c / s of almonds. Prepare the vinaigrette, place the anchovies in a mortar and pound into a paste, add the lemon juice or vinegar, honey, almonds and mix well, then add sesame oil and olive oil and blend to emulsify. The amount of olive oil is to taste.

Prepare the remaining ingredients, peel and remove the seeds and cut melon into cubes, cut into cubes feta cheese also. Wash and drain thoroughly fresh leaves for salads. Before closing, cut the basil into chiffonade to incorporate it into the vinaigrette. Serving a mixed salad bed and placed in the center melon and feta cheese, garnishing ends with anchovy vinaigrette and eat, enjoy!

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